>Type 1 Seamless Pressure Vessels

>High-Pressure Gas Transportation

Type 1 cylinders are seamless steel vessels designed and manufactured to the very highest standards. They are recognised as the most robust, safe and long-lasting high pressure gas cylinders available worldwide

As a global leader in gas containment systems manufacturing and services, the product range we offer is extensive.

Pressure vessel manufacturing standards:

DEF STAN 02-317
ASME Section VIII, Div.1
BS EN ISO 11120
BS EN ISO 9809
BS EN 1964
AD 2000
PD 5500
All cylinders assessed to PED or TPED requirements where required

Other national and international

BIE International Ltd
Bureau Veritas (BV)
ABS Group
Lloyds Register (LR)
APAVE International
SGS Inspection
China Classification Society (CCS)

Seamless Type 1 steel cylinders are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards. They are recognised as the most robust, safe and long-lasting high pressure gas cylinders available worldwide.

Type 1 cylinders are the standard storage vessels for the hydrogen sector globally, thanks to their longevity giving excellent through life value. They are recognised as the safest way in which to store hydrogen at high pressure.

NOTE: As the originator of the revalidation testing and re-accreditation programmes (BS 8562 and EN 16753) we are able to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to cylinder re-validation, therefore providing competitive through life costs.

Oil & Gas

Our core activity in the Oil & Gas market is the supply of air pressure vessel assemblies for motion-compensating systems, used on deep-water offshore cranes, deep water semi-submersible rigs and drill ships.

Applications include:

  • Ultra large air pressure vessel systems for deep-water offshore platforms
  • Ultra large air pressure vessel systems for heave motion compensated offshore cranes

Key Facts:

  • Seamless vessels and full ancillary products
  • Long-term relationships with market leading suppliers
  • Product water capacity up to 3,000L
  • Working pressures up to 600 bar
  • Delivery to end users world wide
  • Complete ‘plug and go’ systems
  • Ongoing testing and service regime
  • Only provider of specialist inspection, revalidation and refurbishment programme


This is another area of significant activity in the Oil and Gas sector.

The majority of dive systems and diving support vessels (DSVs) carry safety-critical high pressure gas cylinders/tubes. This is an important and growing market sector for CSC. Crucially, we are not only able to provide new cylinders, but also provide re-testing and re-validation services in accordance with BS 8562, which can be carried out on-board the vessel. More about this class leading service can be found on the Chesterfield Integrity Management page.

Applications include:

  • Breathing air cylinders for use in diving systems on diving support vessels
  • Breathing air cylinders for use in emergency evacuation situations
  • Gas storage systems for hyperbaric chambers


Chesterfield Special Cylinders has a long history of designing and manufacturing special high pressure cylinders for Naval application systems. Since the 1930's we have been supplying the UK Royal Navy with their high pressure gas storage solutions on submarines and surface vessels.

Supplying navies worldwide, our products can also be found in numerous other safety critical situations in defence operations globally, such as:

  • High pressure breathing gas storage systems
  • Hydraulic and valve actuation backup systems
  • Submarine ballast systems
  • Missile launch systems
  • Nuclear reactor valve operating systems

Key Facts:

  • Curved ‘banana’ cylinder used in periphery of submarine hulls
  • Ongoing testing and service regime
  • Only provider of specialist inspection, revalidation and refurbishment programme
  • Long term supply contracts with global defence sector contractors
  • Seamless vessels and full ancillary products
  • Product water capacity up to 3,000L
  • Working pressure up to 600 bar

Static Storage

Many of the world's leading gas storage companies rely on CSC for the design, manufacture and installation of their storage systems, as well as the ongoing maintenance and certification.

Our ability to supply complex bespoke cylinder assemblies, has been a key factor in securing various prestigious contracts worldwide, and has seen us participate in a wide range of industrial, high pressure, gas storage projects around the globe.

Applications include:

  • CNG Filling stations for Swedish public transport
  • Gas storage for the Sydney Opera house in Australia
  • Emergency backup & fire fighting systems in nuclear power stations
  • Air storage for wind tunnels in Indian Space research centres
  • Product water capacity up to 3,000L
  • Working pressures up to 600 bar


Chesterfield Special Cylinders has been manufacturing cylinders for aerospace applications, since their first use on British manufactured aircraft in the early 20th century, and we are proud of our hard-won reputation for innovation and safety.

Seamless cylinders provide lightweight, safety critical gas containment systems that play an essential part in the operation of leading edge military aircraft. Typical applications are:

  • Aircrew breathing supply
  • Emergency escape systems
  • Fuel tank inerting
  • Back up undercarriage, canopy, flaps & other actuation systems
  • Emergency generator starters
  • Tyre inflation
  • Life raft inflation cylinders

We currently have thousands of these cylinders in service within the RAF and other air forces, many of which have reached their mandatory re-test date several times over and have been re-tested and reconditioned by CSC.

Re-test and reconditioning:

We offer a full re-test and reconditioning service and are fully conversant with DEFSTAN 81-121 covering military aircraft cylinders. Commercial standards BS EN 1968 and DOT are also covered.

Over the years Chesterfield Special Cylinders has built up an extensive database of cylinder manufacturing records. This traceability along with a diligent and thorough re-testing and refurbishment service protects, and in certain cases can extend, the service life of the cylinders fitted to aircraft.



  • Since the refuelling process for hydrogen vehicles requires higher pressure, we have developed a 600 bar hydrogen trailer. One of the advantages of this trailer is that it also facilitates the transportation of 200 bar hydrogen cylinders. This makes our trailer a leading player within the sector of future fuel transportation.
  • We also offer various other solutions for the transportation of alternative fuels.


  • Storing hydrogen under high pressure and within the confinement of a small footprint such as a refuelling station, requires a highly technical solution. Here at CSC, we work closely with our customers to identify the best and cost-effective solutions for hydrogen refuelling stations around the world. We are supporting companies at the forefront of developing systems for this embryonic and growing industry.
  • CSC's bespoke solutions reflect the size and pressure of the customers requirements. In regard to safety devices, the experience of Chesterfield Special Cylinders hydrogen solutions world-wide, has helped to make systems as safe as possible.
  • Type 1 cylinders are robust, long-life steel vessels that provide the safest storage option for high pressure hydrogen.


  • The efficiency of renewable plants is of major importance, especially in the storage of hydrogen or CNG (Biomethane). Whether you’re in need of a buffer system, a storage system or if you simply need to secure gas availability for process purposes, CSC has designed and installed various compatible projects all over the world.
  • We are well versed in the worldwide leading standards in design and re-testing. Our engineers will provide the most economical solution without compromising safety
  • In collaboration with leading players in this field, we have begun the analysis process, to identify a feasible solution for P2G plant.
  • Even if your project is at an early stage, we can use our experience to support you.

Industrial Cylinder Stock Range

Size Working Pressure Drawing Number Specification
10 Litre 300 Bar 302706 ISO 9809-2
30 Litre 200 Bar 38746P Rev.1 ISO 9809-2 / BS EN 1964-2
44.5 Litre 350 Bar 38576P Rev.2 ISO 9809-2
50 Litre 200 Bar 300577 Rev.3 ISO 9809-1
50 Litre 350 Bar 38576P Rev.2 ISO 9809-2
67.5 Litre 300 Bar 38144P Rev.1 ISO 9809-2 / BS EN 1964-2
80 Litre 300 Bar 39388 Rev.3 ISO 9809-2

To purchase, please contact:

Sales Department

Switchboard: +44 (0)1142 427 500
Email: info@chesterfieldcylinders.co.uk

Standard 550 Bar Design

Ultra High Pressure (UHP) cylinders have been manufactured by CSC for over 25 years, with a product range from 10 Litre minimum to 150 Litre maximum.

Today this is a product type which is experiencing increasing demand over what is currently commercially available in the market.

Using a thick walled seamless tube, with fully forged necks at both end, we are able to contain changing pressures of up to 550 bar. The material grade, is specially selected by CSC.

We also provide a 450 bar variant for embrittling gases such as Hydrogen and Methane (CNG).

These compact cylinders are made to exact metallurgical and heat treatment specification, for a diverse range of niche uses in general engineering and high pressure systems, as well as the offshore oil and gas industry.

The attention to material properties through careful material selection, also allows us to offer UHP cylinders for specialist applications over 550 bar.

CSC designs and manufactures tubes for mounting on jumbo tube trailers used in the transportation of gaseous hydrogen. These bulk high pressure cylinders are specifically-designed for trailer mounting and can be optimised for individual applications. We are also renowned for our in-house re-testing, refurbishing and re-qualification of all seamless steel and composite cylinders (all sizes and configurations) used in the transportation of high pressure hydrogen and for use in other gas markets.

Key Facts:

  • Total trailer capacity 24,000L
  • Typical working pressure 150 bar – 250 bar
  • Composite cylinder working pressure up to 500 bar
  • Typical gases:
    • CNG
    • Hydrogen
    • Helium
    • Ethylene
    • Carbon Dioxide
  • On-site and in-house testing capability
  • Reassembly service
  • Cylinder refurbishment
  • Chassis renewal/rebuild
  • Certification

NOTE: We are able to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to cylinder re-validation, including Acoustic Emission testing, therefore providing competitive through life costs.


Certification procedures are meticulously carried out for both the cylinders and the trailer unit. As a cylinder manufacturer Chesterfield Special Cylinders are well versed in the full documentation requirements for all the world’s leading approvals bodies and international standards, whether for new cylinders or at re-test. In addition, the mandatory ADR certification for the road trailer unit is provided.

Jumbo Trailers

We manufacture a wide variety of tube trailers designed to achieve maximum payload and pressures to ensure the customer gains efficiency and economy. CSC Jumbo tube trailers can range from five to ten tube configurations which can be purchased or leased with the advantage of being custom manufactured to meet your specifications.

Multi-Pack Gas-Trailer

As the demand for the transportation of different gases around the world increases, added flexibility is required in the supply chain. Here at CSC, we have the design and manufacturing capability to offer a wide range of Multi-Element Gas Containment solutions.

500-bar Hydrogen

CSC are at the forefront of innovation technology utilising our experience, in house design and engineering capabilities we have developed a 500 bar hydrogen trailer which has facilitated the new demand for the refuelling process for Hydrogen vehicles. This achievement clearly illustrates our expertise and knowledge making the trailer a leading player within the sector for future fuel transportation.


As a designer & manufacturer of cylinders, Chesterfield Special Cylinders has the expertise and in-house capability to re-test and refurbish all sizes of high pressure gas cylinders including those used for gas transportation.

Trailer refurbishment is an extremely attractive option, when faced with new contract opportunities requiring new bodywork, liveries and chassis modifications or to simply maintain your existing fleet.